Lewis and Clark - The River Calls


    In 2004 to 2006 the St. Charles Corps of Discovery re-enactors began their historic celebration of the Lewis and Clark expedition beginning with President Thomas Jefferson’s 1803 procurement of the Louisiana Purchase, the boats, supplies, men, winter encampment at Camp Dubois and the 1807 festivities and celebrations in Charlottesville, Virginia. Over 300 members of the DESC (Discovery Expedition of St Charles) participated throughout the journey. They gathered at the 15 Signature Events along the Lewis and Clark Trail sharing with hundred of thousands the life on the river as it was over 200 years before. Many of these hardy men were descendants including Payton “Bud” Clark and Bob Shannon Anderson.

    Award winning author MARCIA TABRAM PHILIPS makes their history come alive with her slide show and stories of this historic reenactment and now with her latest book, the On the River with Lewis and Clark, “The River Calls.”   The incredible journey and adventures of St Charles Corps of Discovery

"Ocian in view! O! 
the joy!" 
- Captain William Clark, upon reaching the Pacific Ocean
The Greatest Adventure in American History!